Covenant Health is Canada's largest Catholic provider of healthcare, serving 11 communities across Alberta. Our facilities provide a range of healthcare services including acute care, continuing care, assisted living, hospice, rehabilitation and respite care, and seniors' housing. Serving people of all faiths, cultures and circumstances. 

The state of art, St. Michael's Health Centre facility was constructed on the historic 13th street site of the old St. Michael's Hospital and now serves 150 patients and residents across a variety of adult and senior care programs. All programs are supported by multidisciplinary teams Geriatric and physiatry physician specialty clinics are also located within the health centre.

The St. Michael's Foundation is about passionately and compassionately serving people under our vigilance. With this community as our greatest asset for growth and positive change, it is important for the St. Michael's Foundation to give back to the community from which it stems. It is about relationships, giving back to our family and friends with generosity as has been shown to St. Michael's since 1929.




St. Michael's Health Centre 
St. Therese Villa

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